Womens Red Onion Shampoo - 200 ML

Brand: Bo International
Product Code: 3004
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RUPAM Sulfate-Free Onion Hair Shampoo for Women | Strengthen and Revitalize Damaged Hair

Rs. 286

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    Ayurveda Women's Onion Shampoo stands as a harmonious blend of ageless wisdom and contemporary grooming, providing a rejuvenating hair care experience designed for the discerning woman. Imbued with the potent essence of onion, an esteemed element in the tapestry of Ayurvedic traditions, this shampoo seamlessly unites ancient wisdom with cutting-edge innovation. Meticulously formulated to fortify, revitalize, and mend damaged hair, this product not only champions cruelty-free practices but also embraces the absence of parabens and artificial colors, ensuring an authentic and natural journey in hair care. In the spirit of timeless traditions, this shampoo goes beyond mere cleansing; it embodies a holistic approach to grooming, embodying the essence of Ayurveda. The infusion of traditional elements contributes to the fortification, revitalization, and repair of hair, making it a quintessential addition to your hair care regimen. Elevate your grooming ritual with a touch of tradition, as this shampoo not only nurtures your hair but also pays homage to the rich heritage of Ayurveda.

    Reduce hair fall

    .Promotes the growth of strong hair

    .Strong & healthy hairs

    .Helps reduce scalp irritation & dandruff

    .Made with the finest Ayurvedic herbs

    .Keep away from direct sunlight.

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