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Rs. 2,800
AROGYAM RASAYAN (500gm):Description: AROGYAM RASAYAN is formulated to provide benefits related to st..
Rs. 2,800
B.P. PACKAGE DescriptionBenefitsIt helps to improve the level of low blood pressure and platelets.It..
Rs. 2,800
Brainal Syrup (200ml):Description: Brainal Syrup is an Ayurvedic medicine formulated to address ment..
Rs. 2,000
The Colitis Package :  is a collection of herbal remedies that support digestive health. It inc..
Rs. 2,800
CYSTO CHURNA (60 POUCH):Description: CYSTO CHURNA is beneficial in addressing renal diseases, urogen..
Rs. 2,800
DE-ADDICTION CHURNA (30 POUCH) is an Ayurvedic medicine specifically formulated to aid in alcohol de..
Rs. 2,800
Madhumeh Arogyam (30 POUCH):Description: Madhumeh Arogyam is specifically formulated to be beneficia..
Rs. 2,800
Description: Introducing our specially curated Ayurvedic Diabetes Care Package, designed to provide..
Rs. 1,000
The Emergency Kit is an amazing product designed for emergency purposes, providing 100% natural and ..
Rs. 2,800
FEVERO SYRUP (200ml):Description: FEVERO SYRUP is formulated to be beneficial in disorders like Prat..
Rs. 7,150
STONE CLEAR POWDER (30 POUCH):Description: STONE CLEAR POWDER is beneficial in treating disorders re..
Rs. 2,800
CALCIUM TABLET (60 TAB):Description: CALCIUM TABLET is useful in improving calcium levels in the bod..
Rs. 2,800
"Heart Care Package" is specifically designed for individuals with heart-related issues. It consists..
Rs. 2,800
URINE POWDER (30 POUCH)Description:Urine Powder is an Ayurvedic formulation that is useful in condit..
Rs. 5,000
1- Nav Arogyam Powder (30 POUCH ) Description: It Is Useful In The Treatment Of Infertili..
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